Future Directions for 2019

view of campanile from high up, showing lots of sky

Based on recommendations from the high-level 2018 Healthy Campus Network (HCN) Steering Committee, 2019 projects continue a focus on employee well-being as well as environmental-level changes (e.g., built environment, policies, practices) that support the well-being of students, faculty, and staff. Continuing to use the global Health Promoting Universities framework, new initiatives will include:

  • Evolving the identity and visibility of Berkeley’s Healthy Campus Initiative, further broadening stakeholder engagement in needs assessment, program development, implementation, and evaluation.

  • Holding a summit in June 2019 to gather Berkeley faculty and staff across disciplines to identify policy and built environment issues, solutions, and next steps to further the well-being of the campus community. A partnership of University Health Services, Human Resources, and the Interdisciplinary Center for Healthy Workplaces.

  • Developing a campus framework for health in all policies, standards, practices, and partnerships. This framework will be grounded at the intersection of public health theory and evidence-based practices in higher education and California government sectors.

  • Implementing two systemwide initiatives - Healthy Beverage Initiative and Diabetes Prevention Program.

  • Identifying how Student Affairs Units, Intercollegiate Athletics, and academic departments such as Physical Education, Psychology, and Public Health can partner to improve the health of all students.

  • Securing sustainable funding for Recreational Sports’ Workfit Program.

  • Collaborating with other committees such as CAC Student Mental Health and CAC Work and Family in order to leverage synergies and reduce duplication of energies.