What You Can Do

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Aim for the Healthy Department Certification

Earning a Healthy Department Certification demonstrates a commitment to fostering a culture of emotional, physical, social, spiritual, occupational and intellectual well-being and can help to create a more inclusive, productive and cohesive work environment.

Whether your department can meet one or all of the healthy workplace recommendations, discover ways your department can make the health and well-being of faculty and staff a priority and help to create a healthy workplace culture.

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Help Yourself and Others Recalibrate their Wellness

Wellness is personal, multi-dimensional, and our needs are frequently changing.  Recalibrate offers tools that will help you identify your own unique system of wellness or find resources for friends. Take a look at the site or share the page to help others recalibrate.

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Contact Us

Have an idea or question on how to make campus a healthier place? Email us at healthycampus@berkeley.edu